The next console check could be a banana

The new generation of video games arrived with everything with the launch of the PlayStation 5 at the end of 2020. The console is a true technological excellence, innovative in all aspects with its Dualsense control. But what do you think of controlling your favorite games with a banana?

Why bananas?

Imagine how convenient it would be to buy your new order directly from the neighborhood market? According to the GamesIndustry portal, Sony has filed for a new patent describing an idea to turn bananas into a controller recognizable by the PlayStation 5.

The idea seems absurd at first, but it promises to solve a very real problem facing people in the business – especially for us Brazilians. Due to the launch in the midst of the pandemic, PlayStation 5 stocks are very scarce and prices are not the most accessible to the general public. The solution would be to think of alternative forms of control.

Stickers with button symbols would be enough to play with a banana

But how does it work?

According to the patent, “It would be ideal if the user could use a simple and inexpensive non-electronic device as a video game peripheral. The present description seeks to solve or at least alleviate some of the problems identified above. Any non-translucent material object worn by the user can be used, such as pens, oranges or bananas. ”

The system would use the PlayStation Camera, included in the console’s VR sets, to identify objects and their interactions with the user. The camera will need to identify the outline of the object and its main colors to distinguish whether the user wants to use a banana or an orange as a control, for example.

The example chosen by the patent to illustrate the idea was bananas because of their versatility in applications. Depending on how the player moves the banana, the camera in the game may change. Or maybe the banana could serve as a flight controller in games like Star Wars: Squadrons? The possibilities are immense.

Star Wars squads look better with a banana

There’s even the option of using two bananas together, which could bring a unique experience when it comes to controlling the Blades of Chaos from God of War.

Of course, not all games work well with motion controls, so the patent also provides a way to map buttons on a traditional controller to the banana. Super convenient, isn’t it?

The idea may never take off. It’s common for companies to register creative products just to prevent competitors from taking advantage of their ideas, but it’s always curious how that would work in practice.

God of War would be more immersive with a few bananas

But if in doubt, when buying your PlayStation 5, don’t forget to buy a bunch of bananas as well. You never know when we might need it.

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