The new HQ brings clues to the origin of the new Batman

Future State has brought a brand new hero under Batman’s cloak – Jace Fox. We never found out exactly how Lucius Fox’s forgotten son became the new Batman, but The Next Batman: Second Son # 4 brings new clues to solving this mystery.

The story so far …

In The Next Batman series, we follow Jace Fox’s return to Gotham. For a long time he chased terrorists around Vietnam, but that had to change after the Joker War.

After nearly losing his life during the attacks, Lucius Fox decided he needed his family closer than ever and brought Jace back. His return rekindles a conflict with his brother Luke Fox.

It seems like everyone in the Fox family has been on the brink of breath since Tam Fox fell ill.

Tifanny confronts Jace’s past

The big decision

And his illness was not accidental. The new edition begins in the midst of another discussion among family members, after it was revealed that Tam suffered from some sort of long-term poisoning.

As the adults trade insults in search of someone to blame, the youngest Tiffany Fox decides to face reality and seek a practical solution. She confronts Jace about how his past ended up causing Tam’s pain.

Even though he can’t fix what happened, he can change what remains to be done, but not like Jace – he has to become Batman to help his sister.

Jace agrees to work at FoxTech

Thus, the future hero decides to accept a job in his father’s industries, where he will eventually have access to part of Batman’s legendary arsenal.

The Next Batman is on sale at US newsstands, but there are still no plans to arrive in Brazil.

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