The most terrifying cosmic monsters ever created by the author

Howard Phillips Lovecraft, popularly known as HP Lovecraft, was not considered a great author throughout his life and was never able to support himself from his works. It wasn’t until years after his death that the author became a very important name in supernatural fiction and terror.

Yet Lovecraft’s work influences several other media today, and the monsters created by the author have already inspired creatures from series, movies, games and more. The author’s work has even gone so far as to create a sub-genre of horror fiction known as Lovecraftian Terror, also known as Cosmic Terror, which presents the idea that the reality behind the seeming normality of l he universe is so foreign to humans that we are unable to understand. and seeing it would have catastrophic consequences.

In this list, we will feature some of the most terrifying creatures that make up the so-called Cthulhu myths. Ready to start?

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