The makeup boss reveals inspirations for Monica Rambeau’s costume

WandaVision brought in characters from the MCU who were very dear to fans, but one of them came back in a somewhat different way: Now an adult, Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) has played an important role in the series and has started her path to becoming the heroine Specter, appearing with a costume somewhat reminiscent of comics.

But that was about the clothes Monica wears in the ’70s, inside the hexagon created by Wanda, which Tricia Sawyer, head of the makeup department at WandaVision, spoke about. She commented to Elle about the creation of the blue outfit and her inspirations during its design:

‚ÄúThose pants were everything! We went to the costume department and [Rubeo] showed us the fabric, because the pants were not yet made. I spoke to the makeup artist [de Teyonah Parris] Regina Little and I suggested a blue one. He came out with this fantastic shiny blue and it was perfect. I wanted to drink it – it’s such an amazing color.

In the same interview, Tricia Sawyer also revealed that Monica Rambeau’s costume was totally inspired by the time period the story took place when it first appeared in the third and fourth episodes of WandaVision. Fans of the series have reportedly even been looking for replicas of it for sale, which is not happening at the moment.

WandaVision is available in its entirety on the Disney + platform.

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