The Last of Us director Neil Druckmann wants to make a Punisher game

Neil Druckmann, current co-chairman of Naughty Dog, has already shown off his undeniable talent for producing spectacular games by making the controversial The Last of Us Part II – TGA Game of the Year winner. This won’t be your last game on revenge, if it depends on it. In a Twitter post, Neil speculated that he would love to make a Punisher game.

The revelation came in response to a question from a very influential journalist, ex-IGN Greg Miller, who has very close relationships with several names in the industry. In addition to the Punisher, Neil also mentioned wanting to work with another Marvel property.

“Hypothetical question, Neil Druckmann: what existing intellectual property would you like to create a game for?” the reporter asked the manager, who responded with the following list: “1) The Punisher; 2) half-life; 3) Ghost Rider; 4) Miami Hotline; 5) Cowboy Bebop… It occurs to me… ”

1) Punisher
2) half-life
3) Ghost Rider
4) Hotline Miami
5) Bebop Cowboy

It occurs to me … 🤷🏻‍♂️

– Dr Uckmann (@Neil_Druckmann) January 18, 2021

Marvel and PlayStation

Anyone who knows the work of the director knows that these choices are not at all arbitrary. Frank Castle’s origin story in the comics has its similarities to the horror Ellie experienced in The Last of Us Part II. Both have their families brutally murdered and travel the country in search of revenge.

Still, the director is highly unlikely to give up his high post at Naughty Dog studio to invest in an uncertain project with another team.

In The Last of Us Part II, Ellie gets lost in revenge.

Fortunately, Marvel’s relationship with PlayStation is relatively friendly. Sony-owned Insomniac rose to fame for producing an exclusive Spider-Man game quite recently. A similar partnership for the production of a Punisher or Ghost Rider game is not out of the question.

Also on Ghost Rider, Druck said that if he ever worked with the character, his playing would be heavily inspired by Danny Ketch stories from the 90s. With Blackout as the main villain!

Were you enthusiastic about the director’s ideas? What other Marvel hero would make a good PlayStation game? Be sure to comment!

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