The heroes meet in the dark dimension of the new HQ

The adventures of the Power Rangers in the comics, edited by the American publisher BOOM! The studios continue to be a hit with fans of the series. And in its latest edition, the dreaded Lord Drakkon, an evil version of Tommy Oliver from another world, takes the heroes into a great trap: a parallel dimension that represents their worst nightmares. (via CBR)

Previously on Power Rangers …

Back on Earth, the Omega Rangers – Jason, Trini, and Zack – head to Alameda dos Anjos to reunite with their old friends, but that’s not all. They also came to ask Zordon for the impossible: to give them custody of Lord Drakkon, the intergalactic villain who was being held prisoner by him.

Zordon refuses, forcing the Rangers to free Drakkon on their own, as they needed him to get rid of another major problem. Fleeing the city and being hunted by their old allies, all the Omega Rangers can hope for is that Drakkon doesn’t lead them into a trap …

The Omega Rangers with their new prisoner: Lord Drakkon is not trustworthy and they will feel it in their skin

Deadly Alliance

In Power Rangers # 3, recently released in the US, we find out why the Omega Rangers need Drakkon so badly: their ship, Spectrum II, has been taken over by a race of interstellar and intangible vampires called Horrid. Upon regrouping, Robot XI says he may have found a way to defeat the Horrid, so Jason hands over the leadership of the team to him and walks away from the battle to summon his Red Omegazord, drawing attention. enemies.

Alone with the King of Horrid, Drakkon manages to kill him, causing the rest of the Horrid to lose control and be destroyed. Everyone returns to the now reclaimed Spectrum II to continue their initial mission, escorting Drakkon to his cell, which the villain does without resisting. In fact, he didn’t get the Rangers in a trap, but he prepared something much worse for them.

Lord Drakkon triumphant: like any great villain, he has a trump card up his sleeve

The “inverted world”

Drakkon manages to take the heroes to a mirror dimension of his world, which exists in the space between the spaces between one dimension and another. It’s very reminiscent of the “inverted world” of Stranger Things, for example, where all known places are in their place, but torn apart and surrounded by even more destruction. The inhabitants of this world have all been wiped out by interdimensional monsters, most of which seem to have emerged from the Rangers’ worst nightmares.

The scenario is bleak, sowing despair in the hearts of the heroes. The Alameda dos Anjos is completely destroyed, as are its main monuments, but the worst was yet to come: They see the Dragonzord and the White Tigerzord in pieces, which leads them to believe that an even bigger and more powerful creature Maybe they would have done that to them. .

Megazords Destroyed: In this dimension all life was wiped out by creatures from another world

The comic ends with the revelation that the Alameda dos Anjos was once the home of Lord Drakkon, implying that it was respected and feared by its inhabitants before being destroyed by its invaders, who likely defeated it. and forced him to flee too. .

At this moment, a disturbing question arises in the minds of the Rangers: is this just the remnants of another reality or a glimpse of what can happen to their Earth if they fail? We will find out very soon.

“Welcome to Alameda dos Anjos, the homeland of Lord Drakkon”

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