The gathering shows which Nordic deities inspired the gods of Kaldheim

Kaldheim, Magic: The Gathering’s newest collection, took us on a plane filled with Valkyries, elves, giants, and Vikings. Along with a story that can bring big problems to the game world, Kaldheim also introduces new gods to the game, inspired by Norse mythology. Now some of the inspirations for the gods have been revealed.

Alrund, the Odin of Kaldheim

As expected, Odin, the father of all, was not excluded from the collection. In Kaldheim, he served as inspiration for Alrund, God of the Cosmos. One-eyed and with crows by his side, he is always aware of what is going on in the world, commanding the realms with great wisdom, just like the Norse god.

Valki, the Kaldheim Loki

One of the most popular gods in Norse mythology is Loki the Cheater, who in Kaldheim inspired Valki, the God of Lies. Known for their tricks, their cruel pranks and for wreaking havoc, Loki and Valki are not very popular with other deities. In Kaldheim lore, the deception is taken to another level when we discover that Tibalt, the planneswalker who has been a joke in the gaming community for years, is posing as Valki to move forward with his dark plans.

Toralf and his hammer, inspired by the mighty Thor

It’s impossible to talk about Norse mythology without mentioning Thor, the god of thunder. Known for his hammer, intense temper (and the Marvel Studios franchise), Thor inspired Toralf, the god of fury. The two characters share courage and risky adventures, always seeking challenges and fleeing the family throne.

Egon, inspired by the goddess Hela

Hela, the Lady of Death, is one of the darkest deities in the Nordic pantheon, ruling the underworld while welcoming souls who do not stop at Valhalla. In Kaldheim, the goddess served as the inspiration for Egon, the god of death, who in addition to sharing the title with Hela, also believes that the kingdom of the gods is destined to enter a war that will change everything.

In addition to the cards mentioned above, you can find many other gods in Kaldheim, all of which are powerful cards and important characters from the mythology of this Magic: The Gathering plane. Check out the full collection here. Be sure to check the nearest store on the official website to purchase the cards from this collection. Remembering that in MTG Arena, it is possible to play for free and to enjoy all the cards of Kaldheim.

Check out all the gods of Kaldheim in our gallery below:

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