The Gathering releases cinematic trailer for Kaldheim, the collection based on Norse mythology

After much anxiety, we finally approached Kaldheim, Magic: The Gathering’s new collection based on Norse mythology. An incredible cinematic trailer has just been released, showing off some of the action we’ll be following in the story of the game.

As the collection teaser previously indicated, Tibalt has terrible plans for Kaldheim. Claiming to be the God of Lies, he has managed to get his hands on a weapon of unimaginable powers and plans to use it to wreak havoc. The trailer states that this weapon is capable of opening portals to other planes, and due to Kaya’s reaction to the ghost-slaying planneswalker, that’s no good. Before attempting to confront the villain, the warrior appears in front of a legion of creatures, abusing her powers to evade attacks and using her axes to fight them.

Watch the trailer below:

During his villainous monologue in the collection’s first preview, Tibalt said:

“This world is a legend. Many kingdoms and epic sagas linked to a single truth: Viking or Valkyrie, Elf or Dwarf, all belong to Tree World. All are servants of the gods. Gods who travel between realms to achieve their goals of peace, slaughter, or whatever they desire. But what if there was a way to collect this power? A weapon capable of protecting everyone. A weapon of pure strength, forged by a God. Or… in more creative hands, a weapon of unimaginable chaos! Who is ready to have fun? “

What is he planning?

Tibalt will wreak havoc in Kaldheim!

The Kaldheim pre-launch will take place on January 29, and its official launch will take place on February 5. On MTG Arena, you can play for free and enjoy the collection the day before its pre-launch.

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