The Gathering, gets cinematic trailer

To celebrate the launch of the Open Beta of Magic: Legends, the free-to-play MMORPG game based on the Magic: The Gathering universe has won a new cinematic trailer, showing off some of what players will be able to explore in the Multiverse of the World. Game.

In the trailer we see some skills of the characters which can be controlled by the player. Each character has a specific skill set, based on Magic: The Gathering’s mana colors. In the game, it will be possible to customize spells and equipment, conquer new combinations for the attack and defense of your champion.

Among the many monsters in the preview, we can see some of the regions that will be explored in this phase of the game, such as the dark Innistrad, infested with werewolves.

Take a look below:

The open beta of Magic: Legends was released for PC through Arc Games and the Epic Games Store today, March 23. There is no set date for its official launch, but it should happen later this year. The game is a free-to-play RPG developed by Perfect World Entertainment, in partnership with Cryptic Studios and Wizards of the Coast.

Use your powers to subdue your enemies in Magic: Legends!

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