The Final Showdown, joins the cast of the series

Daniel Cudmore is perhaps best known for playing Colossus in X-Men 2 and X-Men: The Final Showdown, however, the actor has been on several CW hero series in recent years and will now also appear in Superman & Lois in a new role.

Cudmore played Jackhammer in Arrow, Gridlock in The Flash, and even Minotaur in Legends of Tomorrow. Now he will also appear in DC’s new CW series: Superman & Lois as the character “Subjekt-11”. According to an official description on the Warner Bros. website, the character is “strong and stoic” and a “bully with a mysterious mission.” So far, we don’t know if he’ll be a hero or a villain.

Daniel cudmore

Apparently, the character will be a version of “Subjekt-17”, a monstrous and very muscular character with Soviet roots who appeared in Superman comics in 2006, during Kurt Busiek’s stint as the hero.

Subjekt 17 in “Superman # 655” 2006. Art by Carlos Pacheco.

Apparently, the first season of Superman & Lois is expected to show someone having several dark experiences and sending them after Clark and his family.

Superman & Lois debuts February 23 on The CW.

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