The film’s theatrical release will be decided at the “last minute”

One of the big unknowns in pop culture in 2021 is the launch of Black Widow. The first Phase 4 movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is delayed for a year, and even now it’s unclear when or how it will reach audiences (via Deadline).

Although Disney CEO Bob Chapek recently said the studio has no plans to postpone the film’s debut, in a new interview with Bloomberg Television, Chapek was more uncertain about the release.

When asked if Black Widow would keep the May 7 premiere in theaters, Bob Chapek responded by pointing out that they will need to be “flexible” when it comes to launching all Disney titles:

“Our situation and our conditions change all the time. Just a few weeks ago, theaters in New York and Los Angeles weren’t even open. Now all of a sudden they’re open. We are therefore waiting to see how potential spectators react to these reopening. We will remain flexible. We’re likely to make last-minute decisions as to how these movies will hit the market, whether it’s Black Widow or any other title. “

‘Black Widow’ final poster

Disney’s latest major release, Raya and the Last Dragon, has been released in both theaters and Disney + through Premier Access, an additional payment service. This was also the case for Mulan last year.

There are those who are betting that this launch model will serve Black Widow as well, even with rumors that Kevin Feige, president of Mavel Studios, is inevitable regarding a theatrical release.

The public will likely find out about Black Widow’s fate sometime in the next month.

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