The eighth episode has a post-credits scene

Warning: spoiler alert!

After featuring the first post-credits scene in the seventh episode, WandaVision resumed using this feature in this Friday’s episode. After introducing Agatha Harkness’s past and taking us on a journey through the story (and grief) of Wanda Maximoff, we finally get a little bit of what’s going on in the series. But as if that wasn’t enough, the eighth episode features a post-credit scene that came straight out of the Marvel comics.

Across the hex, we see the project Hayward and SWORD were working on. As it was already clear in this episode, the interest of the organization was to bring Visão back to life, as it was a sensitive weapon. Since he was unable to induce Wanda to bring back the symptoid when she tried to retrieve her lover’s body, SWORD decided to reconstruct it.

To connect the Fallen Avenger, the organization uses Wanda’s own energy, which had accumulated in the missile she launched against Hayward in Episode 5. After using this power with technology, we see the awakening of vision. This is where we have a scene that looks like it came straight out of the comics. Instead of the colors red and green, the character appears completely white, just like it does in the comics.

Vision White, the weapon of the SWORD

In the comic, after attempting to control US nuclear weapons, Vision is dismantled by the government. This is where the Scarlet Witch finds the scene shocking, forcing Hank Pym to rebuild his beloved. Back without his colors, Vision becomes just a machine, without any of the feelings and humanity he once possessed. This is what drives Wanda in her quest for vision, trying at all costs to bring back the true vision.

The story is directly linked to one of the most traumatic moments in the Scarlet Witch’s life, since at the end of this arc we found out that the heroine’s children were just constructions of her. spirit, being fragments of Mephisto’s soul. After the trauma of seeing children absorbed by the forces of evil, Wanda’s mind is erased by Agatha Harkness, something that ultimately leads us to Avengers: The Fall and the infamous Mr. Dynasty.

White vision in comics

It is important that when the character is killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, he loses his colors and turns gray. Appearing in White suggests we’ll see an adaptation of that arc from the comics, with the Synzoid being just a machine and, it seems, SWORD’s weapon against the Scarlet Witch.

So, will we see a third death for Wanda Maximoff’s beloved?

WandaVision airs weekly on Fridays on Disney +. The final episode of the series will air next week, unless we have a secret episode, as is already assumed.

Below, save the Easter eggs and references from WandaVision’s seventh episode:

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