The director explains the creation of SWORD

WandaVision Director Matt Shakman spoke about the development process of SWORD, the agency that deals with the anomaly created by Wanda in the series.

SWORD shares many similarities to SHIELD in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the agencies are different in some important ways with SWORD being the Sensitive Response and Weapons Watch Division while SHIELD is the human superintendent for it. intervention, espionage, logistics and deterrence.

Both are counterterrorism military intelligence agencies, but the division featured in WandaVision is adept at dealing with anomalies and weird planets. Created by Maria Rambeau, Monica’s mother and a close friend of Captain Marvel, SWORD’s mission is to conduct manned space missions to learn more about potential alien threats.

In an interview with Screen Rant, director Matt Shakman spoke about the process of creating a new agency in the franchise and the idea of ​​making it as realistic as possible.

“Ah, it was a super exciting opportunity to create a brand new agency. We start where we started pretty much everything when we designed it; we say, “What would that be in the real world?” So we look at Cape Canaveral [região onde se situa o Centro Espacial Kennedy e uma Base da Força Aérea dos EUA], we examine the history of space agencies and what those worlds looked like. Then we worked with our production designer, Mark Worthington, concept designers, storyboard artists and started building the world of SWORD.

But we really wanted it to look real, to contrast with the reality of the sitcom inside the hexagon. We’ve seen movies that I think do very well – movies like The Arrival, for example, and the temporary base they built around their alien anomaly was a great point of reference for us. We imagine that SWORD is exactly the right agency when you have a radioactive anomaly; who are used to entering strange planets, very difficult terrain. So this base that we built was based on the existing radiological and biological chemical response units.

Until the end of WandaVision, SWORD has proven to be a major villain of the program, as Acting Director Tyler Hayward focuses on fighting Wanda and using Vision’s technology for purposes not too noble.

Regardless of what role SWORD plays at the end of WandaVision, it is likely that it will always act as a significant force in the future of the Marvel franchise.

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