The director explains the commercials of the series

Since the first two episodes of WandaVision aired, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been very curious and have created several theories, about the commercials featured in the series and, mainly, about the actors doing the commercials. Now all episode director Matt Shakman has explained the idea behind the commercials and also who the actors were.

In an interview on the Fatman Beyond podcast, with Kevin Smith, series director Matt Shakman spoke about the commercials.

“I don’t want to spoil anyone’s fabulous theories because there are incredible theories. It’s a way of exposing some of the show’s biggest issues, Wanda’s story, of course. Stark toaster, Strücker watches, Hydra soap, Lagos, etc. They also worked by theme. The shark and the poor boy on the desert island ”.

WandaVision’s commercials prompted fans to come up with several theories.

He also answered a question fans have been asking since the release of the first episodes: Who were the actors in the commercials? Shakman explained:

“It’s open to interpretation, of course, but they had the same actors for a reason. It’s the same idea, that everything is common in this world, so Wanda just decided that these two friendly people in town should definitely be selected for the commercials. It was basically that. It had nothing to do with the Infinity Jewels ”.

Also, find out what each commercial means in the series and how important it is to Wanda’s MCU history:

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