The description of the initial scene of the film shows the fight between Scorpion and Sub-Zero

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

A month before the launch of Mortal Kombat, the new live-action film in the fighting game franchise. Last week, I was invited, on behalf of the Legion of Heroes, to watch an exclusive scene from the project. Now I can finally tell you what happened in the opening sequence of the feature film!

Apparently, Mortal Kombat won’t waste time introducing one of the franchise’s biggest rivalries. Right away, we have already met the Shirai Ryu, the ninja clan of Hanzo Hasashi. With his wife and son, the warrior leads a peaceful life in an idyllic region. We also found out that the couple have a newborn daughter who for some reason cries inconsolably.

As Hanzo goes to fetch water from a stream for his wife, she and her son try to comfort the very cold baby. As gaming fans can already predict, this is when the mighty Lin Kuei, the Sub-Zero Clan, begins their attack. We have been following the Shirai Ryu massacre from the perspective of the Hasashi family, so there is increasing tension as blood is splashed against the walls of the house and screams echo.

Trying to protect her daughter, Hanzo’s wife hides the baby in a false bottom on the floor. Soon after, Bi Han, the first Sub-Zero in the MK franchise – and who in games becomes Noob Saibot after being killed by Scorpion – takes the stage. Intimidatingly, he tries to find out the whereabouts of the chieftain of the clan, using his icy powers to threaten the family.

The scene is cut off and Hasashi is seen in the stream, giving up everything when he hears his beloved’s cry. Running back home, he is surprised by the massacre, finding his wife and son frozen. The sad moment gives way to a violent and wonderful streak, with the ninja brutally attacking his enemies.

Hanzo and his improvised “chain”, as seen in the first trailer

We saw some of that scene in the first trailer, and it’s just amazing. Using swords and, subsequently, an improvised chain, Scorpion kills all the invaders. That’s when Bi Han reappears, explaining – even though Hanzo can’t figure it out – that he was there to end the Shirai Ryu. The two fight brutally and everything is very well choreographed. However, despite Hanzo’s best efforts, he falls short of Sub-Zero, who leaves after what appears to be a fatal blow.

But Scorpio is not dead. Hearing the cry of his daughter, who was still hiding in the house, Hanzo crawls to try to reach her. You can see all the colossal effort of the warrior, who is absurdly injured. Before he can complete his mission, the ninja dies a few meters from his frozen wife and the hidden child. The warrior’s corpse, however, is engulfed in flames and he disappears.

Soon after, Raiden appears, teleporting in a flash and with a straight face. Crossing the dead of both clans, he takes Scorpion’s daughter and leaves with the child. In other words, we have one of the biggest changes in the history of the game because the line of Hanzo Hashashi is not over. He still has a family.

So what impact will this have on the story of the film? I’m just waiting to know!

Mortal Kombat is slated for release on April 16.

Check out everything you need to notice in the Mortal Kombat trailer:

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