The death of Hopper’s daughter would be different in the original storyline

Stranger Things has gone on to become one of Netflix’s and pop culture’s biggest hits. Mixing an eighties vibe with elements of horror and adventure films of the time, the series fell in the liking of the people, who can hardly wait for the premiere of the fourth season.

A lot of fans might not know this, but long before Stranger Things was what it was, the series was called Montauk and had a slightly different plot than what we saw in the end result, the one of them concerned Hopper and his daughter, Sarah, who when the plot begins, died a few years ago.

While in the series, we find out that Sheriff Jim Hopper lost his daughter Sarah to cancer when she was just seven years old, causing her marriage to end and he moved to Hawkins Town, leaving New York behind, where he was a detective.

However, in the show’s original storyline (via CBR), Sarah’s death was quite different, as was Hopper’s character. In this version of the series, Hopper grew up in Montauk before leaving town and then losing his daughter, who in this version would only be four, in a car accident. After the accident, he returns to his hometown and has a “hedonistic lifestyle in a cabin by the sea”.

Hopper and his daughter Sarah, in the show’s flashbacks.

At the end of the first season, we saw flashbacks that show Hopper and his daughter, several fans making theories about the kid and a possible connection to the inverted world.

The fourth season of Stranger Things is currently filming and does not yet have a premiere date.

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