The book will reinvent the Marvel movies as Shakespeare plays

One book will reinvent the four Avengers movies in the form of William Shakespeare’s plays. According to the ComicBook website, author Ian Doescher’s work, called William Shakespeare’s Avengers: The Complete Works, will tell the story of the MCU’s heroes as they would be if told by the illustrious English writer.

The Avengers, Age of Ultron, Infinite War and Ultimatum will be rewritten in the format used for plays, observing metrics and rhymes appropriate to Shakespeare’s works, in addition to including stage instructions and fun Easter eggs. . The official description of the work says:

“What if the most epic film franchise of all time was written by the greatest playwright of all time? Imagine no more! William Shakespeare’s Avengers: The Full Version reimagines all four movies as parts of Avon’s Bard, with authentic metrics and verses, stage directions, and fun Easter eggs. Fans will experience their favorite scenes, characters, and lines in a new – but totally faithful – way through monologues and dialogue from everyone from Captain America to Groot (I am!).

Below you can check out the cover of the book, which adapts the costumes of some of the Marvel heroes with elements that reference clothing from centuries past:

Cover of “The Avengers by William Shakespeare: The Complete Version”.

It won’t be the first time that writer Ian Doescher has adapted famous franchises as if Shakespeare wrote them. Previously, the author reinvented all nine Star Wars films focused on the Skywalker family, in books that received titles such as Return of the Jedi and The Sith’s Revenge Tragedy (which could be translated as Vengeance Tragedy of the Sith). Other well-known films such as Mean Girls and Back to the Future have also been rewritten by Doescher.

The Avengers-focused book promises to be quite fun, bringing several iconic moments from the group of heroes amid a Shakespearean narrative into the work that will even feature color illustrations. Currently, publisher Quirk Books is already pre-selling the title, which will be released on September 28 of this year.

Unexpected, isn’t it? Comment here what you think of the idea for the book!

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