The artist imagines what Vegeta would be like as the god of destruction

Gone are the days when the Saiyans were the most powerful warriors in the universe. In Dragon Ball Super, we not only discover that there are other universes, but that each universe has its God of Destruction. One fan imagined what Vegeta would look like as one of these gods.

Between gods and angels

The biggest inspiration comes from the current manga arc. After mastering the awakening of his Higher Instinct, Goku began to train his angelic abilities with Whis. Whis appeared in the anime alongside Bills, the God of Destruction from Universe 7.

Whis is Bills’ angelic companion.

On the other hand, Vegeta doesn’t intend to attain the Zen power of Higher Instinct to defeat Goku, but Bills suggests that he doesn’t need it: he can take advantage of his raw nature to become a God of Destruction.

Vegeta – the god of destruction

Vegeta then undergoes Bills training and will likely become a destroyer in the near future, but artist BatmAndrew doesn’t plan to wait.

The fan posted an illustration on his Twitter where he imagines what Vegeta would look like as a Destroyer and Goku as an Angelic Companion. The design combines the influences of Bills and Whis with the determination of Saiyan warriors. Check-out:

Vegeta and Goku reinvented as gods.

Will we even see the pair as the New Gods of Universe 7? Was this the end of the manga? Be sure to comment!

Meet the other Gods of Destruction:

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