The artist creates an incredible poster for the latest episode of the series

This Friday we will say goodbye to Wandavision. The first Marvel Studios series for Disney + was a huge success and now all fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are very excited to see how the plot ends. While waiting for the finale, artist @spdrmnkyxxiii created some sensational art for the final episode.

In the image, we can see the hands of Wanda Рwho in the eighth episode was ultimately cited as the Scarlet Witch, seven years after her appearance at UCM Рcreating and manipulating both versions of Viṣo, both normal and its white version. The image also appears to refer to the fan theory that Wanda will put the vision of Vision created by her in the other version of the character.

Discover the art:

Art by spdrmnkyxxiii, posted on the artist’s instagram.

The penultimate episode of Wandavision took us on a walk through the memories and traumas of Wanda Maximoff, we discovered more of the origin of her powers and we also saw some unique moments from her past, in addition to l explanation of the journey that the series has through sitcoms and Wanda’s relationship with this type of series. Now, with just one episode remaining, fans are hopeful that any mysteries that are still unsolved – like the commercials – will be solved.

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