The anime shows the power of Oden in an incredible scene

There are several clues to the power of Oden Kozuki throughout the Wano Saga, with the character’s legend being told even by the Nine Red Sheaths. Now, in addition to imagining his greatness through what is said about him, anime fans could see that power in practice, with a scene featured with the third act of the Wano arc.

The scene is seen in Episode 961, which continues Oden’s story, shown in a flashback that may be one of the most significant in anime history to date. As much as many legends about the character may seem unlikely, the scene makes it clear that there is no lie when they talk about his power, as the warrior was able to defeat the mountain god, a giant boar, in one shot.

In it, Oden joins the fight against the Mountain God after seeing Kin’emon’s courage in facing him, as Kin’emon attacks the huge boar directly upon discovering that Tsuru has been swallowed by him. To defeat him, Oden channels Ryou through his two swords, using his Waterfall of Paradise technique, which splits the monster in half so that those who have been eaten can escape without being injured.

Watch the scene:

holy shit

– Kumi (@D_Kumii) February 7, 2021

As the anime shows more of Oden’s story, it becomes more and more clear what he is truly capable of. Plus, for your first show of strength, defeating the Mountain God in one fell swoop is quite a remarkable achievement, and the aspect of the animation helped make the moment even more incredible.

Oden at the scene of episode 961.

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