Teyonah Parris, Monica Rambeau, responds to Mr. Fantastic’s theory in the series

Teyonah Parris, Monica Rambeau of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, spoke about the theory surrounding Mr. Fantastic’s presence on WandaVision.

In the Disney + series, Monica reaches out to someone whose profession – an aerospace engineer – can help someone navigate the anomaly that Wanda created without too much damage. Due to the mysterious character’s description and the fact that he can appear at any time, fans believe it to be Reed Richards, the leader of the Fantastic Four.

With that in mind, Variety spoke with actress Teyonah Parris to find out if this theory could prove to be true. Parris, of course, didn’t confirm, but he didn’t deny anything either.

Variety: There’s been a lot of speculation that the friend Monica finds could be Reed Richards, the character who ends up being Mr. Fantastic. On a scale from “it will not happen” to “I will shut up and my silence will confirm that your wait is justified”, what should we expect?

Teyonah Parris: You have to wait to keep watching and find out what happened. Okay, it’s not “silence” but I haven’t denied anything either. I’m not even looking at you right now! I’m trying not to fall in love with you!

Mr. Fantastic is one of Marvel’s geniuses and should be introduced to the MCU at any time

Of course, such an engineer can be anyone, including a woman, after all, the legend of WandaVision in several countries uses feminine articles to refer to the character.

Regardless, there are those who believe that Reed Richards will be featured in WandaVision, and not just that, that the hero will be played by John Krasinski, actor of The Office and A Quiet Place.

The director of the first Fantastic Four movie in the MCU has already been cast and will be Jon Watts, the filmmaker who commissions the franchise’s Spider-Man films. The fact that there is already a director at the helm of the First Family project means that it won’t be long before the Quartet is introduced to the universe, which certainly leaves any fan full of expectations.

The seventh episode of WandaVison opens this Friday, February 18 at Disney +.

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