Teaser presents Gwen, the new champion of the game

One of League of Legends’ most anticipated releases is the mysterious seamstress, heralded as one of the new champions arriving in the game this year. While many fans have speculated that she would be Isolde, the beloved of Viego, the destroyed king, the new preview released by Riot Games shows that it is Gwen, a “harmless” doll who has been corrupted by the mist.

Apparently, Gwen was created by Isolde, made with great love by the Queen of Viego. However, once her creator died – and all the devastation came when the destroyed king tried to resurrect her – she was affected by the spell and came back to life.

While some fans believe Gwen has become a receptacle for Isolde’s soul, it’s more likely that the doll is also in search of Viego’s beloved, trying to reconnect with her creator.

Gwen and Isolde

Entitled “Made with love”, the preview caption reads:

“Once upon a time there was a pretty little doll made by a seamstress. She loved her creator very much, but unfortunately a tragedy separated them, plunging the doll into the depths of the sea and suffering. Centuries passed, but she did not lose her determination, certain that love would find her again.

Take a look below:

The gameplay trailer – which also shows off the character’s full appearance – has also been released:

So, excited for the new champion?

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