Superman will be less powerful in the new DC phase of the comics

In mid-2020, DC Comics announced ambitious plans for the company’s future with the Future State mega event, a preparation for the Infinite Frontier era. Many heroes will be different in this reboot, one of them will be Superman who isn’t that powerful since the events of Dark Knights: Death Metal (via CBR).

During Death Metal, Superman ended up being trapped inside the Sun itself – he was bombarded by all kinds of kryptonites, which ended up infecting his cells with anti-life energy. So, he is reborn in the image and likeness of Darkseid, but things seem to have resolved by the end of this arc.

However, in the preview for Action Comics # 1030, we saw that was not the case. Our dear Clark Kent will not have a moment’s rest, because it seems that all this anti-life exposure has left lasting consequences.

Superman and Yara Flor, the new Wonder Woman in the future state

The timing couldn’t be more boring. This HQ begins the “Warworld Rising” arc (something like “Warlike World Arising”), where Mongol will launch his biggest attack on Earth. The Warworld ships are already orbiting our planet, and in his weakened state, Superman may not have the strength to stop them on his own.

This edition of Action Comics is written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, who will pick up the hero’s stories after the events of the Future State. This may indicate that this change in character may last for several months in DC continuity.

Worried about Superman’s future or did the hero really need to balance his powers? Be sure to comment!

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