Superman in black costume high definition scene release

Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the much-talked-about version of the 2017 film’s director, is expected to bring in plenty of scenes that weren’t in the film’s original cut, providing a very different experience. Among these scenes, Superman dressed in his black suit, the preview of which was finally released in high definition.

Back in black

In the scene in question, Superman (Henry Cavill), who was recently resurrected through the efforts of fellow members of the Justice League, walks to the Heroes’ Base of Operations, where he meets Alfred (Jeremy Irons). The Man of Steel wears a black suit very similar to the one he wore in The Return of Superman comic book, released by DC in the 90s.

The scene had already been seen by fans. It was featured as an extra in the DVD and Blu-Ray versions of Justice League, where the costume had the hero’s normal colors, and was then shown again by Zack Snyder, but in black-colored clothing.

In the comics

The costume originally appeared during the Return of Superman arc, released in 1993. In it, four overpowered beings appear to succeed his legacy, each with different personalities and looks. But it’s when one of them, Superman Cyborg, turns out to be a villain, that the True Man of Steel returns to the world of the living.

Dressed in a black suit and with his greatly reduced powers, he teams up with Superboy, Steel, Eradicator and Green Lantern and sets out to face the new enemy at his base, where a duel of destructive proportions occurs. In the fight, Eradicator ends up sacrificing himself, but that’s exactly what allows the real Superman to regain his powers, defeat the villain, and return to protecting the world.

Superman in his black costume, with Superboy: the hero’s body was left in a Kryptonian matrix to recover

The costume reappeared in the comics, always with a meaning greater than mere visual appeal and deeply tied to the story in question. On TV, the outfit was seen during the Elseworlds crossover, which aired in 2018 and involved all of the Arrowverso series.

Superman with the black suit in Elseworlds, another crossover from the Arrowverse series

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is coming to HBO Max on March 18

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