Storm shows deadly new fighting technique in the comics

As an omega-level mutant, Storm is one of the most powerful characters not only in the heart of the X-Men, but in the entire Marvel Universe as a whole. But anyone who thinks it can be deadly just by manipulating the climate is wrong: he manages to take down his enemies with much more stealthy techniques, as evidenced by a new HQ recently launched in the United States (via CBR).

In Marauders # 17, the mutant Callisto, a member of the Carrascos team, must go through a Krakoa ritual to resurrect with his powers intact, the Crucible (“Trial”), done occasionally with mutants in a similar situation. . After months of working with her team without her powers, she decides it’s time to claim them and chooses Storm, her former rival, as her opponent. Ororo agrees, albeit reluctantly.

Callisto chooses a pair of knives to fight, hoping Ooro would do the same given the history between the two, but that’s not what happens. Storm refuses to raise a blade against him, preferring to fight unarmed and dodge any attack from his enemy. But seeing a small opening, the heroine decides to act.

Wrapping his fist in pure electricity, Tempest strikes Callisto in the heart, electrocuting and killing the character instantly. In order not to doubt that Callisto is dead, smoke even comes out of her mouth, indicating that she has been totally fried inside.

Storm kills Callisto with one blow: mutant can also be quietly deadly

Tempest’s “Electric Punch” is a new application of her powers, and while it’s not something she would use in regular combat, it’s a resource in her already vast arsenal of skills. Ororo, who was already dangerous, became even more so, and it will be interesting to know if such a technique could be reused in the future.

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