Steel Giants 2: will the movie happen?

Launched in 2011, Steel Giants was one of this year’s big surprises, telling the story of a father and son trying to bond with each other and using boxing matches with fighting robots like background. Starring the stars of Hugh Jackman (Logan), Evangeline Lilly (Ant-Man and the Wasp) and Anthony Mackie (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) in the cast, the film doesn’t look bad in the box- global office, pleasing to Touchstone Pictures executives.

But almost ten years after the premiere, the sequel, confirmed by studio and director Shawn Levy, never got off the ground. This is common in Hollywood, which even coined a term for the eternal continuations of production: “development hell”. But will it ever come out? Find out now!

What are Steel Giants?

Steel Giants (Real Steel, in original), directed and produced by Shawn Levy (A Night at the Museum), was set in an alternate and futuristic 2020, in which ex-boxer Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) lived immersed in debts with very dangerous people. In an attempt to get rid of it, he gets involved in “Robot Boxing” fights, the sensational sport of the future, but he has never succeeded in giving up his state of mediocrity. He lives in favor with his friend Bale (Evangeline Lilly), his potential romantic partner, but he can’t put his problems aside to start the relationship.

Until the day he discovers he has a son, Max (Dakota Goyo), who loves robot fights as much as he does. Together, they find a disabled robot they call Atom, and it doesn’t take long to find out he’s very special. So the two unite to make fortune and fame in the professional combat circuit, reconnecting along the way. But their journey will have a lot more as obstacles than other fighting machines: Charlie’s old enemies are on his tail, along with the powerful entrepreneurs and millionaires who run the entire fighting industry.

One of the posters of Giants of Steel: The story was popular with the public and the box office made the studio happy, but so far no sequel

Costing $ 110 million from the coffers of Touchstone Pictures, it raised around $ 300 million worldwide, and while it wasn’t the overwhelming success they expected, it was considered a success. Even so, the footage, which has been confirmed, has yet to be released.

And then, does it come out or not?

Director Shawn Levy and star Hugh Jackman have confirmed that Steel Giants 2 will be in the studio’s plans and will eventually be done, although it will take time due to each other’s tight schedule, but it hasn’t. .

Since then, Levy has been involved in many projects, such as the comedy The Interns, the Uma Noite na Museu trilogy and, most recently, Stranger Things, in which he works as a producer. Hugh Jackman didn’t stop either, starring in blockbuster movie hits like Les Miserables, The King of the Show and Logan. Even the supporting cast is very busy, with Anthony Mackie and Evangeline Lilly engaged in the Marvel Studios films.

In an interview with Shawn Levy in 2014, the director said:

“We’ve been quietly developing a Steel Giants sequel for three and a half years. We created some really good scripts, but Hugh [Jackman] and I will only do so if the story, as well as the characters’ journeys, seem new, and we find both, but never at the same time. It unfolds. I know time is running out. This movie, strangely, is a movie that has performed really well around the world – it was just fine nationally – but the love for Steel Giants remains unique, as much as angry fans ask me to make one. other all the time.

Hugh and I love this movie, so if we can unveil it we will, but I have a feeling we better do it soon, or honestly the audience might not be there anyway. . So let’s see. “

Over six years have passed since the director’s statement, it’s not clear if Levy and Jackman are still working together on the film’s development, but there’s also no news of the production stopping. of Steel Giants 2, which is still a blast to fans of the original.

The first Steel Giants had a good box office when it launched, raising $ 300 million

How could the sequence be?

Just as it’s unclear whether the new film continues to develop, its plot and characters also remain a total mystery, but clues have been given as to what could be tackled in a potential sequel.

In an interview with Collider in 2016, Shawn Levy opened up about what he would like to show in Steel Giants 2. At the time, he said:

“One idea I would like to explore is the way the Atom was built. What is it in his design that may have attributed some artificial or organic intelligence, so that he is partially aware of himself?

We’ve tried doing it with several different writers, but so far no script has convinced me, Hugh [Jackman] or Steven [Spielberg, produtor do primeiro filme]. It still didn’t seem like enough to promise a new story in a new movie. I have to tell you: I had a strange experience watching the movie again today because on the one hand it was great to see a friend again, but it also reinforced my belief that I shouldn’t do immediately unless it is to be better. than the first. “

The origins of the Atom robot could be explored in Steel Giants 2

This statement was also the last big news related to the film, and since then nothing more has been said about the project. Four years have passed with no news since, but with no official confirmation that the studio has canceled the feature, one can only hope that Giants of Steel 2 will, in fact, be released.

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