Sprinter costume gains new role in season seven

The seventh season of The Flash aired again yesterday, March 3, and already in the opening minutes of the seventh season, fans got to see Barry Allen again as the Scarlet Sprinter. Even though the costume was the same as the previous season, it now has a new, much more technological feature.

The episode begins by showing Barry being kept in stasis to maintain his speed, which runs out. After being awoken by Chester (Brandon McKnight), one of the new members of Team Flash, he comes out of a camera and, seeing that the Mirror Master is attacking, activates the new function of his costume, which causes him to appear the hood around. your face.

The show’s official twitter has shared a gif of the scene, check it out;

Inspiration from new technology

The way the hood appears around the character’s face has been widely commented on by fans of the character, who have compared the technology to the sight of the Marvel films, especially Iron Man and Captain Marvel, who also had very similar scenes in which we see their helmets forming around their heads.

Other fans also remembered that the stage styling and hood formation is very reminiscent of how the Flash costume works in the new 52 comics, using the cover of the hero’s comic book first edition on

Flash variant cover vol. 4 # 01. Art by Ivan Reis.

In the episode itself, Barry is seen struggling to regain his speed, which at the start of the episode is only 1% and about to end. The new season of The Flash promises to show the resolution of Iris West-Allen’s problem, who remains trapped in the Mirrored Universe, in addition to bringing back characters like Jay Garrick and addressing the mystery behind the villainous Godspeed.

In the gallery below you can see all the images from the first episode of the seventh season of the series:

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