Spider-Woman becomes the ally of a great enemy in the comics

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Things aren’t easy for Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman, in the comics. With a degenerative disease caused by radiation destroying her body and Marchand’s serum affecting her mind, the heroine has made some very questionable decisions, such as allying with a deadly new enemy. And the consequences can be serious.

Previously on Spider-Woman …

While Jessica Drew searched for an extremely rare spider that could produce a cure for her disease, she finds a great opponent with the same goal. Her name is Octavia Vermis, daughter of Otto Vermis, a treacherous commander of Hydra who in the past brainwashed the heroine, turning her into a valuable resource for the organization.

After a few more aggressive encounters, Octavia told Jessica that they could help each other out and still have time to find a cure for Spider-Woman. The two then set out on a search for ingredients that could result in a serum, and this search ends up taking them to the hiding place of high evolution, where Octavia meets her daughter, Ophelia, who loves the villain as if he was. of the family.

To Jessica’s utter terror, she also discovers that the High Evolutionary made several clones of her mother, as well as Octavia, which resulted in the creation of Ophelia.

Result of cloning, Ophélie was created from an early age to serve as a weapon for the High Evolutionary

Octavia’s betrayal

Either way, we’ve made it to Spider-Woman # 9 (via CBR), which recently launched in the US. In the edit, the High Evolutionary explains that the clones have one flaw, requiring regular exposure to what he called “the source” or else they will decompose and die, making Octavia and Ophelia dependent on him. After creating an alleged cure for Jessica, the villain pronounces her passcode, which was exactly what Octavia was hoping for.

In fact, Octavia was using Jessica’s illness all the time to get to Ophelia’s location and kill the High Evolutionary. Despite her daughter’s calls, Octavia pursues the enemy, enlisting Spider-Woman’s help in the task and getting a quick response. Therefore, both kill the High Evolutionary. In response, the clones go mad and attack the two, resulting in Jessica being struck by the laser that was supposed to be her cure.

Upon awakening, Jessica’s eyes are the same shade of green as Octavia and Ophelia, who are fighting over the death of the High Evolutionary. In the middle of the fight, Octavia confesses to her daughter that she was her only weakness, breaking her neck soon after.

Without any hesitation, Octavia breaks her own daughter’s neck

Jessica and Octavia had very painful lives, which shaped them into the warriors they are today. Jessica has always worked to repair the damage she caused under Hydra’s control, while Octavia, who is practically a mirror of Jessica, has chosen to go the evil path. And now that Jessica has her hands dirty, it can be a lot harder for her to come back to the light. What will happen to Spider-Woman? Comment!

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