Spider-Man becomes a comic book streamer

Spider-Man has always had a very unique trajectory, having to worry about paying the bills in addition to fighting crime and protecting ordinary people.

Recently, however, the hero underwent a special development in The Spectacular Spider-Man # 61, having received a new costume that made him a streamer (via CBR). That’s right: Now, while battling villains, Spider-Man lives on a platform similar to Twitch.

The point of this is, in reality, quite simple: the hero needs to earn money. Unemployed and living with a similarly predominant roommate, Peter Parker needed to find a way to survive, and Flow Battles will serve to get him sponsored by Norah Winters and J. Jonah Jameson. Peter’s colleague Boomerang has also taken to the internet to make money, though his attempts have been more focused on a platform similar to Instagram.

Spider-Man’s new costume allows him to broadcast. Your live even had a message from the sponsors.

Amigo do Vizinhança had previously proven profitable on a podcast with Jameson, but their new partnership turned out to be even more profitable. With the new costume that allows him to stream, he faced off against Shocker, Corisco and Homem-Hídrico, getting many views. Jameson worked with him as the “guy in the chair,” telling Peter what to say while dealing with the audience while the hero fought, and even giving them the option to vote for the attack they wanted. man – Spider would end the fight. In the end, the stream even had an announcement from the sponsors.

It’s possible that Spider-Man’s new occupation won’t be well regarded by the other heroes and villains, who will take the Webhead less seriously after this. In that same comic, Corisco said it was humiliating to be defeated by an influencer. It’s not hard to imagine that Peter will have to deal with many other reactions like this, even from his allies.

Corisco says he feels humiliated to have been defeated by an influencer.

Despite that, becoming a streamer fulfilled Spider-Man’s goal of finding a way to support himself, mainly because it’s something very profitable for him and his partner. In the end, this isn’t the first time the hero has attempted to use his powers to make a profit, and it looks like he’s just adapting to more modern media, even if it takes away some of his its credibility.

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