Spider-Man 3 has the most awesome MCU action scene, says Tom Holland

The next Spider-Man movie will have such an awesome action scene that Tom Holland, the star of the movie, says he’s never seen anything like it in another Marvel movie or even another super production. -hero.

The star is currently filming the character’s third solo film on the MCU, and in an interview with Yahoo, he was very excited about the experience:

“The film is incredibly ambitious and I’m happy to say we’re getting there. I’m very good. We watched a fight scene we shot a few weeks ago, and I’ve never seen a fight scene like this in the MCU. I’m so glad the audience is seeing it. “

The scene Holland is very excited about took about a month to film. However, it seems that the efforts have paid off:

“I saw an edit three or four days ago of this fight, which we’ve been shooting for about a month, and it’s by far the most impressive fight scene I’ve ever seen in a super movie. -hero. I was delighted with it, ”Holland concluded.

It’s hard to imagine a scene as grand as some of the action sequences from Avengers: Infinity War and Ultimatum, or even Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Either way, Tom Holland seems to believe this scene exists and is in the next Spider-Man!

So, are you excited for Spider-Man: No Way Home? Leave your comment!

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