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Following the end of WandaVision, Marvel launched the documentary series Avante, the first episode of which showed behind the scenes of the first MCU production released on Disney +. Among all the interesting facts and revelations about WandaVision, one detail has captured the public’s attention and quickly spread across the internet: sight with the ears. Now, the show’s visual effects supervisor has commented on the topic, talking about the weirdness generated by the visual and the creation of the design seen in the MCU (via ComicBook).

Trent Claus, one of the people responsible for the design development of Visão, revealed that while audiences have only seen the character with ears now, behind the scenes at WandaVision that has always been the way the character was designed for theaters, with ears. of actor Paul Bettany being digitally removed afterwards. So, since the introduction of the symptomoid in Avengers: Age of Ultron, it has been decided that it is better to work with it this way than to use makeup and prosthetics, although it is not. the initial idea.

Commenting on the question, Claus said:

“At Lola, we designed the visuals for Visão based on visual concepts created by Marvel’s development department – in particular, from a guy named Ryan Meinerding. He created the initial concept for Visão, and then we were tasked with translating it into real action. We initially shot with the intention of using – it’s back to the Ultron era, by the way, his first appearance – we intended to use prosthetics for part of his head. , the hoodie and things like that around it, and then just make improvements on his face by computer graphics, because he has all these lines and patterns carved into his face.

Despite the initial idea, it was clear to the team that it wouldn’t work as well in practice, which led to a change of plans, according to the visual effects supervisor:

“When we started working with recording, it quickly became clear that [usar próteses] it wasn’t going to work. So we ended up digitally removing all prostheses, even in that first movie, so any prosthetic head has been and still is completely replaced with computer graphics.

Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen backstage at WandaVision.

Regarding the public reaction to finding Visão with ears, Claus commented that the image is shocking because it looks very strange. According to him, not many people noticed that the symptomoid did not have ears until they saw this image, as it looks much more natural in the movies:

“They didn’t know it was normal that he didn’t have ears. It looks very natural, I think. So when you see it with real human ears, it really moves people, because then they have to reexamine, “ What did I watch? He never had ears? “, You know?

The team seems to have made the right choice for the hero look, as the version seen on the show and in theaters looks so natural, especially compared to the look before the show went through the addition of ‘visual effects. In fact, the conception is much less troublesome than seeing human ears in the symptomoid.

All episodes of WandaVision are available on Disney +.

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