Set photo shows Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy

Season three of The Boys, a hit with Amazon Prime Video, has already started recording, which means now and a half of photos taken straight from the set are appearing online. This time, it is the actor Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) who introduced himself, correctly dressed as Soldier Boy, one of the new “heroes” who will appear in the next episodes.

The photo, which was captured by a fan and posted on his Instagram, shows Soldier Boy arriving with all pomp and circumstance at the premiere of Dawn of the Seven, the film about the exploits of supergroup Os Seven. Around him are several fans, which indicates that he must be considered a celebrity among the heroes. Check:

Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) parading on the red carpet: the character hides his secrets too

Although taken from afar, we can already have an idea of ​​what the look of the Soldier Boy will look like in the series, which will clash a bit with the comics. He will not have his legs exposed, but his costume will still bring the colors of the American flag, as in the original.

Who is Soldier Boy?

Soldier Boy is the frontman of Payback, a group of heroes rivaling The Seven. Being an obvious parody of Captain America, he’s said to have fought in WWII against the Nazis, which is a half-truth: Soldier Boy is actually a title, and there have been two heroes with it before. name before most current.

During the war, it was the decision of the original Soldier Boy to keep the Avenger Squad supergroup alongside the American soldiers to fight the Germans, resulting in the deaths of dozens of soldiers. Despite being patriotic and dedicated to his work, the current Soldier Boy is a big coward and owner of a naivety that makes other super people always take advantage of his nobility.

Eric Kripke, showrunner of the TV series, still maintains the role of the character in the third season as a mystery, but has already said that he will talk a lot of profanity, have some pretty damnable attitudes and have a rivalry relationship with Captain Mother ( Antony Starr) who will feel threatened by him.

The Soldier Boy of Comics: behind the hero’s pose hides a great coward

The Boys returns with new episodes still in 2021.

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