Series producer Jac Schaeffer talks about the elements she needed to cut from the story

WandaVision showrunner Jac Schaeffer spoke in a new interview about content that ended up being left out of the plot.

While this is one of the most ambitious projects in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, the schedule is said to have even more elements that support the story. Schaeffer. however, he believes the cuts have benefited the narrative. Check out what she told Deseret News:

“There were definitely things I liked. There was nothing I thought “I’m going to give up on this project because I’m going to have to do it”. There are definitely some things that I wish we had tried, but I think all the things that fall into that category have been dropped in our attempt to strengthen a cohesive story. The series itself has a lot of them. So whatever ideas we left out, I think we’ve been successful because we’re this weird series.

‘WandaVision’ arrives in the middle of its exhibition this Friday 5th

The Scariest Part of WandaVision’s Production

Schaeffer was also asked about the scariest part of creating the show and if there was anything that kept her awake at night when the show was shown:

“As I ran the program, I felt for most of the process that it was very far removed from that kind of pressure. The pressure was rather – will Kevin Feige like it? It was my daily life: will Kevin like it? So will I love him? Am I proud of this? Will my team be proud of it? We’re putting something in the world that makes it a better place, right? These are the most general questions I ask myself today. But yeah, when I was close to debut I started to panic, but now it looks like it’s going well.

Who is Jac Schaeffer?

The main name behind WandaVision, producer and screenwriter Jac Schaeffer, has been in the creative industry since the late 2000s. One of his first jobs was as screenwriter and director of the romantic comedy Timer: Countdown to Love.

In the following years, Schaeffer wrote the Disney short film Frozen: Olaf’s Freezing Adventure, and the comedy The Cheaters, starring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson.

For Marvel Studios, in addition to WandaVision, Jac Schaeffer is credited with co-creating Black Widow, the upcoming MCU film.

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