Series co-creator posts preview of Mister Sinister look

While all attention is focused on the new Disney + Marvel Studio series, MODOK – the bighead villain stop-motion animation – remains in production for Hulu. After months of no news, Jordan Blum, the show’s co-creator, has decided to reveal a little preview of the Sinister Lord’s look.

Known for giving the X-Men a lot of work in countless arcs, Mister Sinister is the first great Marvel character confirmed in the series (aside from MODOK himself, of course).

Its appearance has been redesigned to suit the very cartoonish style of studio Stoopid Buddy – best known for the Robot Chicken animation by Adult Swim. Check-out:

The new version of Mr. Sinister is more likable than in the comics.

On his personal Twitter, Jordan took the opportunity to reveal his greatest inspirations for the construction of this version of the character. The visual part directly pays homage to the ’80s X-Men animated series, which Jordan says was its culmination.

His personality will have a lot of influence from the various stages of the villain, but Blum’s favorites were those designed by artists Marc Silvestri, Larry Stroman, Carlos Pacheco, and Esad Ribic. Check-out:

For the comics, I think my Mister Sinister Mount Rushmore is @Marc_Silvestri, @ LARRYSTROMAN3, @Cpachecoficial, and @eribic. Am I missing someone?

– Jordan Blum (@BlumJordan) February 9, 2021

Finally, for those who are not very familiar with the character, Jordan recommended the recent HQ Hellions (“Satanics”) which accompanies a team led by Mr. Sinister.

What do we know about MODOK?

MODOK is Marvel’s next adult animation, co-created by Jordan Blum and Patton Oswald. The series follows the big-headed villain’s adaptation to a peaceful civilian life, alongside his wife and children. But the routine will be more difficult than he imagined, as villainous Austin Van Der Sleet will do anything to terrorize MODOK with the horror of bureaucracy. Will MODOK be able to resist the temptation to take over the world?

We’ll only know when the series kicks off this year. It’s even possible that this is the first Marvel series to arrive in Brazil as the original Star Plus.

MODOK will try to have a normal life.

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