Series character identity confirmed

Warning: spoiler alert!

WandaVision arrives with yet another shocking episode for fans, leaving the internet in an uproar and providing more details on Wanda Maximoff’s story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The series is now entering its home stretch, which means some mysteries are finally getting answers – like, say, what is the identity of Agnes’ sneaky neighbor, Wanda and Vision?

Well, in the seventh episode of the series, Monica Rambeau manages to penetrate the hex’s defenses and attempts to confront Wanda Maximoff. The two almost come into a physical conflict, but are stopped by Agnes, who is babysitting Wanda’s children. She breaks up the fight in a very simple way, pulling Wanda out of the place and taking her to her house.

And this is where things get complicated. Wanda begins to notice a suspicious mood in the house, especially since she cannot find her children, Billy and Tommy. Looking for the twins, the Avenger descends to the basement and notices something odd there: a passage to what appears to be an old castle, with various magic items and books strewn around the corners. And when he finally makes that discovery, we have the revelation.

Agnes emerges from the shadows, holding her bunny, SeƱor Scratchy. At the time, she turns out to be Agatha Harkness, another “magical girl” in town. At the end, we can see a series of flashbacks that show us how she was behind several examples. It should be remembered that since the character of Kathryn Hahn was announced in the cast, many fans have speculated that it was Agatha Harkness.

Agnes? Her real name is Agatha Harkness.

Who is Agatha Harkness?

In the comics, Agatha Harkness is a very old witch who participated in the Fantastic Four comics and the Scarlet Witch herself. Known for her tough personality and for always being accompanied by her cats, she ends up becoming Wanda Maximoff’s mentor, in addition to being a confidante and a personal friend.

All this history leads us to believe that there are still some twists to prepare for the last episodes of the series, which should show the great conflict and the true intentions of Agatha. One of the most popular theories among fans is that Agatha is also being manipulated by a higher force – which some believe to be Mephisto or the Nightmare. However, we’ll have to watch the next few chapters to find out.

WandaVision is already heading towards its home stretch. In total, there are two episodes left of those originally announced, and these chapters should focus precisely on the great battle between Wanda Maximoff and the forces trying to control her.

Below, get Easter eggs and references from the sixth episode of WandaVision:

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