Season 4 artwork shows more of Eren’s new look

Warning: spoiler alert!

The fourth season of Attack on Titan continues to be in full swing, bringing moments of great catastrophe, death and destruction to the story. With the end closer than ever, fans are following the profound transformations and changes in beloved characters – as is the case with Eren Yeager, who increasingly turns out to be a more complex character than we do. imagine.

Insider Ken Xyro shared, via his Twitter profile, a new promotional image for Attack on Titan’s fourth year, which shows us a little more of Eren Yeager’s human look, but updated with new clothes and a bun to tie her hair up long.

Check it out below:

Eren’s new look in the fourth season of Attack on Titan.

Anyone who has accompanied Attack on Titan knows very well the importance of Eren at the end of the anime. As well as controlling the Attack Titan, he is well known for his ambiguous morality and the daring plan he prepares with the help of Zeke. The anime is in its home stretch, and there are just under ten episodes to come to the epic conclusion.

Here are 10 of the most powerful titans in Attack on Titan:

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