Savannah Welch to play Barbara Gordon in new season

The third season of Titans promises to bring even more news and we have now found out that actress Savannah Welch will play Barbara Gordon on the series.

It was announced last year during DC Fandome that Barbara Gordon, the former Batgirl, would be Commissioner of Gotham and that she would have a relationship with Nightwing similar to the one her father, Commissioner Gordon, had with Batman.

According to Variety, Barbara will have stepped back from Batgirl’s mantle and will only be Gotham’s Commissioner. Also according to the website, when Dick Grayson, now under Nightwing’s mantle, returns to Gotham, the two will once again have a romance and fight crime together. In the series, she will have given up her heroic life after being shot by the Joker, which has forced her to stay in a wheelchair, much like what happens with the character in the comics.

Savannah Welch, who will bring the heroine to life, has appeared in Boyhood: From Childhood to Youth and The Tree of Life. Most recently, she appeared in the 2018 film Les Transcendants.

Savannah Welch will play Barbara Gordon

New episodes of the series are coming straight to HBO Max, the new home of the DC Universe series. In Brazil, for now, the first two seasons of Titans belong to the Netflix catalog.

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