Sabrina’s Dark World Michelle Gomez Joins Series

The cast of the third season of Doom Patrol is growing. According to Deadline, Michelle Gomez, known for her work on Sabrina’s Dark World, will be the villainous Madame Rouge in the series.

Madame Rouge is a DC Comics villain who is part of the Black Brotherhood, a group that opposes the Destiny Patrol in the comics. Being a woman of elastic powers, she is known for her shape-shifting ability, criminal tendencies, and great versatility, making her one of the villainous organization’s greatest spies.

Madame Rouge

In the series, Gomez will have a regular role, that is, he will appear in several episodes. Madame Rouge’s brief description in the series indicates that she has a very important mission to fulfill. The problem is, she has no idea what to do because she has lost her memory.

In addition to having experienced Madame Satã / Lilith in Sabrina’s Dark World, Michelle Gomez is remembered by Doctor Who and is currently working on HBO Max’s The Flight Attendant series.

The series’ third season is slated for release later this year, but there is no prediction for its debut. In the United States, the series will be part of HBO Max, while in Brazil it is to be featured on HBO Go.

Here are 10 reasons to watch Destiny Patrol:

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