Ryan Reynolds denies involvement in Snyder Cut as Green Lantern

Zack Snyder’s Justice League, better known as the Justice League’s Snyder Cut, is coming, and now, as we get closer to versions, more and more storyline rumors and cameos are starting to emerge. After sparking numerous comments on the internet, speculation that Ryan Reynolds would be in the film as Green Lantern has been debunked by the actor himself.

It all started when Vanity Fair posted a story that on the Snyder Cut fans would see an end with a hero who blew fans’ heads. When they started pointing out that it was Reynolds, returning to take on the role of Hal Jordan, the actor used his twitter to respond:

“It’s not me. But what a great idea it would be to make a cameo like Hal. Maybe in another. [projeto] Green lanterns? But for me, the costume is still in the closet. I mean, on the computer.

It is not me. But what a great cameo pirate flag as Hal. Maybe it’s another GL? But for me, the costume stays in the closet. I mean, computer.

– Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) February 22, 2021

Ryan Reynolds in infamous Green Lantern movie

Since we won’t be seeing Reynolds, who will be the special hero who blows fans’ heads? Place your bets!

The new version of Justice League debuts on HBO Max on March 18. Director Zack Snyder has confirmed that the film will be released globally on the same day, but details on how it will play out in Brazil have yet to be released.

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