Ryan Reynolds admits movie isn’t as bad as he expected

Launched in 2011, Green Lantern was a misstep in building a universe for DC Comics in theaters. The film was slaughtered by fans and critics, both for its cliché story and for the quality of its visual effects. Over the years, it was Ryan Reynolds himself who disliked the project, who never got tired of making jokes and jokes about his participation in the feature film.

However, it’s curious that, until last night, Reynolds hadn’t even seen the movie. Even though he played Hal Jordan, the star left the project behind, remembering only the chaotic production and backlash at the time of release. On his Twitter, he announced that he would watch the film to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. And didn’t he like it?

“Maybe it’s the gin that speaks, but ‘Green Lantern’ isn’t to be feared! Hundreds of great cast and production crew members did an amazing job, and while it’s not perfect, it’s not the whole tragedy either. Next time, I won’t wait a decade to watch.

The entire Reynolds thread on Twitter shows how impressed he was with the feature film, especially the performances of his cast mates, such as Mark Strong, Angela Bassett and Blake Lively (who ended up becoming the wife of the film). actor after production). He also celebrated some of the tech team’s accomplishments, such as all of Oa’s world creation and some classic comic book characters brought to the screen.

Despite the presentation of Oa and the Green Lantern Corps, the 2011 film was slaughtered by critics and fans alike.

Reynolds’ reaction is surprising, considering how he’s always made fun of the movie for his fans. In Deadpool 2, he even makes a metalinguistic joke, showing the Chatty Mercenary going back in time and killing Ryan Reynolds himself after first reading the Green Lantern script for the first time. It remains to be seen if the fact that the actor liked the film will be brought up in the third feature film of the anti-hero Marvel.

And you, have you ever seen Green Lantern? What is your opinion on the film?

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