Russo Brothers advise Marvel to “give the X-Men a break”

Since Fox was bought by Disney, there hasn’t been a day that fans of the Children of the Atom haven’t been keen to see what the X-Men reboot introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe will look like. According to Kevin Feige, it should still take some time – and now two influential directors who worked for Casa das Ideias are reiterating that thought!

In an interview with the Lights Camera Barstool podcast, the Russo Brothers talked a bit about their plans and projects for the future and how they hope to work on new productions. When the case returned to Marvel and its common universe, the directors – especially Joe Russo – explained the importance Wolverine had in their lives and how Hugh Jackman delivered the final version of the hero:

“Wolverine has always been a very special character to me. Being able to work in theaters is very difficult because Hugh Jackman’s performance is final. It’s like Batman: you have to imagine a way, you have to bring the right actor to come in and take a really different approach to the character. But I would love to see you at the movies.

The Russo Brothers are taking a hiatus from Marvel after making Avengers: Infinity War and Ultimatum.

Despite this excitement, Joe Russo advises Marvel Studios: for him, it is better to wait longer to be able to bring the X-Men back in theaters. The director argues that fans need to ‘get used to’ the Fox franchise before starting anything new, which really makes sense. Joe again says that it is important to “clean the palate” before starting a new journey:

“I think the best thing right now is to take a break, without a doubt. Do you need something [para limpar o paladar], you have to wait a bit, let everyone enjoy [a franquia] was and then come up with something new. But I wish I could work with Wolverine at some point.

With that, the idea remains that the Russo Brothers could end up returning to produce or direct something that involves Wolverine. The character has been played by Hugh Jackman in several films in the Fox franchise and has long been recognized as the “face” of the X-Men. Some fans even prefer the character to be “soaked” longer, so that other mutants can be well developed.

We still have no idea when the X-Men franchise will hit theaters again, although we already have some evidence of what’s to come in Mutant Territory – especially if we consider what’s already being done, for example, on WandaVision. Either way, Marvel Studios seems much more interested in reintroducing another important team that was in Fox’s realm: the Fantastic Four.

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