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A comedy classic and afternoon session, A Prince in New York became one of the greatest hits of Eddie Murphy’s career. Today, Amazon released the sequel to the movie, A Prince in New York 2, which brings a new adventure to the character, however, it looks like the movie didn’t like much.

At Rotten Tomatoes, at the time of publication, the film has 51% critical approval and 44% audience approval. According to the consensus, “Decades after its predecessor played with the fine line between love and nausea, A Prince in New York 2 reminds audiences that there is an equally definitive line between moving on and to abandon.”

The film has a lower percentage than the site average. Of the 96 comments, 47 are negative.

Critics have pointed out, primarily, the film’s lack of originality, which seems to reuse several jokes from the first film. Check out some of the reviews present in the aggregator:

“Most of the time, A Prince in New York 2 uses familiar jokes, repeating fun parts of the original almost verbatim, but they just don’t fit into that context.” Peter Debruge, Variety

“The sequence is a lazy and pretty funny revisit with some good moments, but still too much like the same old story to sound like anything new.” Brian Truitt, USA Today

“It doesn’t sound like a movie but just another one of those reunion specials in which the cast of a beloved TV series return to play their characters again, recreating their falls and repeating their catchphrases.” Alonso Duralde, TheWrap

“Even without Murphy’s charm and magnetism in the first film, A Prince in New York 2 delivers a bigger, more profitable comeback for Zamunda.” Whelan Barzey, Empire Magazine

“A Prince in New York 2 has such a connection to his predecessor that he looks like a long-lasting Easter egg trying to be a movie.” Frank Scheck, Hollywood journalist

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in A Prince in New York (1988).

In the plot, Prince Akeem, played by Murphy, has become king and lives with Lisa (Shari Headley), his romantic partner from the first film, with whom he has formed a family. However, Akeem returns to the United States to find a lost son (Jermaine Fowler), so that he can inherit the throne, since his daughters cannot rule.

In addition to Eddie Murphy, the film also stars James Earl Jones, Wesley Snipes, Garcelle Beauvais, KiKi Layne, Teyana Taylor, John Amos, Leslie Jones, Vanessa Bell Calloway and Louie Anderson. Craig Brewer is the director of the film, which arrived on Amazon Prime Video today, March 5.

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