Robert Downey Jr. opens up about Marvel Cinematic Universe success

Robert Downey Jr. spoke in a new interview about the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a franchise that took the actor’s career to another level, making him one of the highest paid and most famous celebrities. in the world.

During an appearance on Stephen Colbert’s show, the Iron Man performer spoke about all he has achieved in bringing such an iconic character to life for over a decade.

In the words of Downey Jr .:

“My great joy has been to have the opportunity to play for so long. Today I can say that I can relate to Tony Stark because of it.

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in the hero’s first film

The actor also gave his take on what makes the MCU such a successful franchise in the world. For him, everything comes from its original source.

“It’s amazing to think that everything we did was there in the comics, which is why I think the Marvel comics have been so wonderful for kids and adults. There is love for these stories because they speak to the whole world […] and the best of it was expressed in these little two hour segments of entertainment.

Downey Jr.’s last job in the franchise was in Avengers: Ultimatum, which served as his character’s farewell, tasked with shaping everything to come.

Currently, MCU fans are following the WandaVision series, a production that kicks off the new era of Marvel Studios. Also in this first half, the franchise will win Falcão and Winter Soldier, Black Widow and Loki.

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