[Review] Destruction AllStars is fun, but needs to evolve a bit

The first PlayStation 5 exclusive for 2021 is already here! Destruction AllStars, from Lucid Games, engaged console first gear this year, and its starting point was directly on PS Plus – as it did with Bugsnax in November.

And to get 2021 off to a good start, we’ve already tested the game to tell you if it’s another PlayStation exclusive hit or if the insurance doesn’t cover the beat. Speed ​​up with me on this one, but beware that I will destroy your car!

What is AllStars Destruction?

Destruction AllStars is a PlayStation 5 exclusive game, released on February 2, 2021 on the PS Store and also as one of the free game of the month on PS Plus. Developed by Lucid Games, it is a vehicle fighting game, focused on multiplayer, where you choose your champion to destroy as many cars as possible in an arena competition.

This is one of the biggest projects of Lucid Games, which has always worked more with mobile and indie games. Destruction AllStars is said to be one of the initials for the PlayStation 5, which was released on November 12, 2020, but has been postponed until 2021 in an effort to ensure proper completion of the game.

Unlike other games, Destruction AllStars will be available for two months in the PS Plus catalog. You therefore have until April to use the game with your subscription.

Our analysis of Destruction AllStars

Personally, every game postponed “for improvement” leaves me with one foot in the back – so I wasn’t expecting much from AllStars Destruction. However, the game was a pleasant surprise, offering very fun games, charismatic characters, very original and captivating gameplay, simple, with interesting news and surprising game modes.

Although the producers of Lucid Games have cited a few games from the PSOne generation as inspiration, the influence of two magnificent titles of recent years is undeniable: Fortnite and Rocket Arena. In fact, if you’re not from the days when monster car and truck fighting games were more popular, this will probably be your primary go-to when you open the game. But that’s not a bad thing. ; Most of the time, Destruction AllStars manages to make the most of all of its inspirations while still remaining something original.

This is an explosive, dynamic color game where the design of the characters and vehicles is one of the biggest highlights. The team has 16 champions with a very unique style, betting on ethnic diversity in a way that is not so obvious and on minorities that are not widely regarded. Each of them has a different special vehicle, super stylish and with different special abilities to aid in destruction.

It is difficult for you to play some matches and not fall in love with one of the champions. Although they are very inspired by the characters of Fortnite and Overwatch, the whole context of Destruction AllStars makes them “belong” to the game and quickly we forget the comparisons. They have different movements, speeds and types of play and part of the fun of the game is playing with each of the runners to choose which one is your favorite.

Other successes of Destruction are in the gameplay and play modes. It is an accessible game for those who have never tried this genre, but it remains difficult for those who are already hardened in destruction. It takes a bit of getting used to some mechanics, especially with the right directional pad used to activate certain skills of the car and not change the camera, but it’s worth learning to have more fun with it. the game.

There are four main game modes: Mayhem, Carnado, Stockpile, and Gridfall. While in Mayhem you just have to destroy your opponents’ vehicle – which is just too much fun in itself – the other three play better with the possibilities of the game. In Carnado, my favorite, you have to destroy to accumulate points. then sacrifice his car in a giant tornado, in the center of the arena, for it to count.

Stockpile is a team and asks you to destroy your competitor’s vehicles, collect parts that come out of your car, and conquer bases with them – complex, right? And in Gridfall, you have to survive. In this mode you have limited lives and the arena gets smaller, opening holes in the way and everything. The goal is to be the last one standing.

There are other game modes, but they only appear in the Destruction quest system (most of which must purchase coins from the PS Store to unlock). These are modes that involve a countdown, a duel and are also very, very cool. If you are enthusiastic about the base game, it is worth the investment.

With so many different types of games, it’s hard not to find one that you will at least like a little bit. So, at least in terms of entertainment, Destruction AllStars succeeds and will have you wasting a few hours if not addicted, who knows.

But – and this is a big but – the game can get better. Even with cool gameplay and charismatic characters, it needs to evolve a bit to have the power of the titles that inspired it.

While it’s super dynamic and explosive, it lacks a more punchy soundtrack for Destruction AllStars. This type of game REQUIRES something more frenetic, to turn your head, to provide a steep immersion. The theme song is even cool, but it fails to engage the necessary. Something was louder, more guitars, or more electronic. A BOOM as big as the car explodes on the screen.

Also, the game is very poor in terms of customization. It’s the easiest to solve, but it’s good to know that if you’re one of those people who likes to customize your character, it won’t happen early in the race. Currently, you can change the color scheme of characters and special vehicles, battle cry, and victory pose, but that’s about it. There isn’t a very innovative skin or anything that you would expect from this type of game, right? Even more with such cool characters.

It’s worth noting that the multiplayer mode is cool, fast to connect and stable, but the interface is somewhat confusing and without a lot of options. For example, you automatically join groups, already in voice conversation, and you cannot deactivate the group – only your own, by deactivating the monitoring microphone. These are small things, but for those who want to play streaming or are not used to online games, they are a problem. Also, challenges this way only generate XP, so the reward is “low” at the moment, and there are no Brazilian servers, only foreigners.

What is the rank of Destruction AllStars?

Even with some glitches, AllStars Destruction is another great PlayStation exclusive, mainly because the game’s “cons” are all correctable. It’s a game that’s cool now, but it should get better over time – if there’s a long-term investment.

If you are already on the PlayStation 5 generation, it is your job to give Destruction a chance; I guarantee you this is an investment of time, not an expense or a loss. It’s a super fun game that will need to encourage updates to fix these little issues.

For the Legion, Destruction AllStars is 3.5 stars out of 5. A good game and very, very promising!

Have you tried out Destruction AllStars? Tell us in the comments!

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