Released when the series takes place in the MCU

Producer Malcolm Spellman and director Kari Skogland of Hawk and the Winter Soldier have opened up when the new Marvel series takes place in the franchise timeline.

For Collider, the artists revealed that the new Disney + program will last around six months since half of the universe’s population has come back into existence, in the event known as Blip. That means Hawk and the Winter Soldier takes place six months after Avengers: Endgame and roughly five months after WandaVision.

“Everything was affected by this event,” said Skogland. “It meant we went through the shock, but we also went through the joy – because we imagined there would be a lot of joy in people returning. We are now in the reality of that, which is complicated. With half the population eliminated, you have different economic circumstances, different border circumstances.

Different countries were cooperative, which was not the case before. The neighbors, who did not necessarily get along before, cooperate. People moved into houses that weren’t theirs before. Everything changed. Now we have come to this point. We have passed the surprise and now we have entered reality. I think it’s a very different place in history, because we can not only trust it, but we can look at how people react to it. Some things are good and some are not. “

To understand how the Blip will affect Sam and Bucky’s story, simply tune into Disney + next Friday, March 19, when Falcão and the Winter Soldier debut.

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