Regé-Jean Page from Bridgerton on losing Krypton’s role due to ethnicity

This week, The Hollywood Reporter posted a big story that focused on Ray Fisher and the actor’s allegations against several Justice League producers. In the midst of the reporting, other information ended up being released, such as Joss Whedon’s abuse of several of the actors in re-recordings of the film and even on other projects, such as the fact that producer Geoff Johns did not hire actor Regé-Jean Page to star in the series because he wanted a white actor on paper.

The report explained that Johns was strongly opposed to attempts by writers and other small producers to add more diversity to the cast. According to what some production sources told THR, the show’s creators wanted to make non-traditional choices for the cast and Regé-Jean Page, who became a big hit with Netflix’s Bridgerton, was the primary choice for the role of Superman’s grandfather, however, Johns made it clear that the hero couldn’t have a black grandfather. The creators also wanted to change another well-known DC hero, Adam Strange, by making the character gay or bisexual; another idea which was opposed by Johns.

According to reps for Geoff Johns, the producer believed fans expected Superman’s grandfather to look like “a young version of Henry Cavill.”

Regé-Jean page

In his twitter, the actor commented on the affair, saying:

“Hearing about these conversations doesn’t hurt any less now than it did before. The clarifications almost hurt more, to be honest.

I always do my thing.

We are still doing the job.

We are still flying.

👊🏽 “

Although he did not play in Krypton, Regé-Jean Page is on the way to becoming famous. Although he did not return for the second season of Bridgerton, the actor will star in the live-action film Dungeons and Dragons starring Chris Pine, and has also completed production of the feature film The Gray Man, by The Russos. Brothers.

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