Ramy actress May Calamawy is part of the series

According to The Hollywood Reporter, May Calamawy has been cast for the Moon Knight series. Known for her role in Ramy, it has not been revealed who will play the actress in the series.

Recently, Oscar Isaac was confirmed as the protagonist of the series, which will adapt one of Marvel’s most complex characters for the MCU.

In the comics, the Moon Knight has had multiple incarnations since his introduction in 1975, being the avatar of Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god. In more recent stories, the character deals with mental disorders and multiple personality disorders, something that will be discussed on the Series.

Mai Calamawy

So far, no details on Calamawy’s character have been released. Marvel declined to comment on the news from THR.

May Calamawy is best known for the Ramy series, a comedy-drama currently entering its third season. Among her other works, the actress is set to star in the independent comedy Together Together.

The Moon Knight series is yet to be released. Filming is expected to begin later this year, and the first season will launch next year, further expanding the territory of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Disney +. So far, it is known that the episodes will be directed by Mohamed Diab and that the writing team includes Jeremy Slater, Don Perlin and Doug Moench.

Here are 10 things we want to see in the Moon Knight series:

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