PS Plus will improve your console experience

Last year, Sony made history when Fall Guys was released direct to PS Plus at launch, making it one of the biggest hits in the service’s history, being the most successful PS Plus game. downloaded all the time in the world. Since then, Sony has brought new and established games to the service, giving more space for the versions that are made available with its debut.

With the arrival of the PlayStation®5 in more and more homes, one thing is clear: PS Plus is essential to get the most out of the console! Sony has already outdone itself a lot with the PlayStation Plus collection – which includes several big acclaimed titles like God of War, Days Gone, and Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition – but now it’s also not measuring the efforts to kick off launches directly on. PS Plus.

In November of last year, PS5 gamers and PS Plus subscribers were able to experience Bugsnax, one of the first PlayStation®5 exclusive games released. The title takes players to a mysterious island with half-bug, half-snack beings, and he needs to find out what happened to the explorers who were there.

The success of Bugsnax and Fall Guys was followed by Destruction AllStars, a car battle royale that is gaining more and more new players, mainly due to the fun and different gameplay, the game was made available on PS Plus in February with its launch, making it the title gained a lot more visibility and a lot of success in game streams.

In February, the players also had another surprise; in addition to Destruction AllStars and Concrete Genie, Control: Ultimate Edition has been made available. The game came with the version optimized for the PS5, and not with the backward compatibility of the PS4, and has two DLCs, “The Foundation” and “EMA”. Control has been one of the most acclaimed games of the past year, conquering a huge fan base that has made it a modern classic.

Now in March, fans have also won another version on PS Plus games: Maquette, a puzzle game in which the player must find different and challenging ways to solve the puzzles and take the next step, by manipulating the environment of a diorama. . The game was highly regarded for its stunning graphics and a heart-wrenching story.

Apparently, Sony has no plans to stop bringing news to PS Plus. In April, PS5 players will be able to play Oddworld: Soulstorm, another version that will be made available to subscribers of the service.

Oddworld: Soulstorm will be available from April 6 and tells the story of Abe, the leader of a people enslaved by an evil society. Oddworld games have a very adult theme, at the same time their look is much more cartoonish and brings complex gameplay, full of puzzles and powerful enemies.

With amazing launches and even better games, it’s essential that everyone who owns a PlayStation®5 also subscribes to PS Plus. The service, in addition to offering new games monthly and giving access to the Plus Collection, also offers the possibility of multiplayer play on the console, exclusive discounts and also gives access to several “freebies” in games such as Fortnite , Smite and Apex Legends.

You can subscribe to PS Plus here.


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