Tell us about yourself, are you Thai born and bred?

Yes, I am full Thai born and bred. I was born in Nan, northern Thailand. I moved to the big city Bangkok when I was 20 years old to study at a University. I was studying Airline Business and graduated about two years ago.

How did your gig with Full Metal Dojo come about?

I went for a casting they arranged and I passed. Now I’m one of the official ring girl for Full Metal Dojo.

FMD is not your typical MMA promotion – it’s usually more like a huge rocking party? What are the live events like for you?

The events are super exiting and so action packed.

A lot of people when they see MMA for the first time can be quite shocked, was that the case for you?

In my case it’s not that shocking for me as I am Thai and grew up around Muay Thai.

Supattra Sonta Pool

I hear you are also a DJ?

Yes. I go by the stage name DJ Vanesza ,traveling around Thailand and various countries in South East Asia for DJ gigs.

What would we typically hear you playing?

I play mostly EDM, but I also do hip hop, R&B, mainstream and top 40 charts.

Do you see your work with FMD as an opportunity to branch out into other areas like media or fitness and health?

Yes I think so as FMD is constantly getting bigger and more known.

Is there anyone in particular you look to for inspiration about you role as a ring girl?

Not really. I just doing my job as a ring girl.

Being around ultra fit athletes must be quite inspirational or intimidating… how do you stay motivated to keep in shape?

I love working out and I get so motivated when I see these super fit girls on Instagram and so on that I instantly thinking about working out the next day. I am also trying to eat as healthy as possible, which sometimes can be difficult because I am surrounded by thai food and I love thai food, haha. It’s my favorite.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get fit, but is facing a mental roadblock?

Your mind is a powerful tool. You can use it to destroy your self image or you can use It to completely change your mindset and get to work! What is your choice? Start doing whichever training you feel most comfortable in first , be it weightlifting, cardio exercising, martial arts or sports and gradually take it to the next step and then challenge yourself. Never let your brain tell you that you cannot do it. Everybody can. When you start seeing progress you will automatically motivate yourself to see progress and from there you will be on a journey to get a fit and healthy body.

Photography: David Ash (SingaporeMaven).