Soap “Hanuman” Am, the 31-year-old professional fighter will return to action this weekend at Lion Fight 37.

Lion fight 37 will also be holding two world title fights, he will be fighting in the super lightweight division.

Soap “Hanuman” Am holds the nickname “Hunumn”, this comes from the mythical Monkey King which is known for its fighting skills, speed and trickery.  Which will all be on display at the Lion Fight on Friday.

Soap Am has been out of the ring since 2014, in the time off he has completed his education and started to work in biotechnology, as well as teaching martial arts at Redline Fight Sports. The son of refugees who escaped the Khmer Rouge and subsequent civil war, Soap, learned martial arts as a boy in the housing projects in Chelsea Mass.

“Growing up, it was hard to get by, but training martial arts made me disciplined and focused and I learned how to avoid trouble,” he says.

Soap has since returned to Cambodia to get closer to his heritage and become a stronger fighter, eventually finding Kuhn Khmer, a form of martial art that has existed for a thousand years. This form of martial arts is more deadly compared to those utilized by most of his opponents. 

He plans to head back to his homeland to see his parents and to teach the local Cambodian children more about the martial arts and the rebirth of Kun Khmer that would bring them back to there roots. With the support of Fight for Cambodia Inc. community, they plan to provide opportunities through donating equipment, clothing, shoes, training opportunities and education.

If his dedication to Fight for Cambodia Inc. and the rebirth of Kun Khumer translate to the fighting arena,  the Monkey King will surely take the ring.